I am quite able to access profound levels of information through dual direction analysis of audio recordings. I am able to access information from the minds of pets and animals by analyzing audio recordings of their vocal expressions, breathing and movement sounds. I can do the same with and for humans.

I have been experimenting with and developing instruments and techniques in the areas just described since 1997, as well as accessing profoundly personal information for people currently using my Signal Tower system. I have increasingly expanded my connection and informational reception over these years by tapping into some sort of mysterious and wondrous super-consciousness.

I urge people to listen to the audio presentation I have produced that you can access by clicking on the speaker icon below. This 43 minute audio presentation will explain much about my history in these endeavors, and what I know to be possible from many years of highly personal experience.

My fee for this very unique service is $35 per hour, and I offer a free initial phone consultation. I highly recommend that you listen to the audio presentation first, and consider what I am presenting you with, so you can have a good idea of what your interest or specific concerns may be ahead of the consultation.

If you'd like to hear more stories about what I have learned and experienced through this process, please consider letting serious-minded people with radio/internet programs and podcasts know about this, who may wish to have me on their shows for interviews. I have a lot of truly amazing stories about this adventure I love to share, and more happening as we go!

The image below shows my Sankyo STD-2000 Stereo cassette tape recording deck. On top of the deck is a custom built set of headphones I put together using a set of industrial hearing protection muffs, which I installed a pair of audio headphone speakers inside.

Quite often I can hear the ' messages ' as they come out of the Signal Tower, and I confirm this on playback when the messages as I perceived them are present. To the right of this headset is a microphone chamber I built out of a piece of a Maple tree I had taken down on my home property. This chamber has proven to be a breakthrough attribute in my custom ' audio-psychic ' communication system.


This next image below is of the Signal Tower with the 9-sided cone speaker set on top. Just to the left of the base of the speaker stand is an antique telegraph key, which I actuate with my foot during sessions to turn on and off the ' carrier track ' ( audio output of the Signal Tower ). I can consistently receive and document in the form of audio exhibits, very profound and precisely personal messages for myself and for others using this system.